Think Adventure

It’s a way of life.

Hey, I’m Marko.

I like playing video games, being creative,
& my morning coffee.

I rarely like talking about myself but here’s a little

About me:

I live in beautiful Northern Colorado with my wife and two dogs. I’ve been working in the Amusement & Entertainment industry for more than 7 years handling just about every creative project you can imagine. I’ve worked with small and local, large and global. I studied branding and brand Identities at the University of Northern Colorado and graduated with a bachelor’s in Visual Design & Communication. I’d love to learn more about you and how we can create an unstoppable creative team!

Where do we go from here?

Upcoming Events:

FUN 2022 May 11-13

Join me and a great variety of awesome industry companies and leaders at FUN Conference 2022! We’ll spend a couple days diving into all things Amusement and Entertainment. Expect a great time of open discussion, collaboration & some good ol’ fun! Come see me at FUN 2022 and lets chat about any of your branding, marketing and creative solution questions for you, your FEC or product!

I have scholarship tickets to FUN 2022 still available, contact me today!

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