Think Adventure

It’s a way of life.

Hey, I’m Marko.

I like playing video games, being creative,
& my morning coffee.

I rarely like talking about myself but here’s a little

About me:

I live in beautiful Northern Colorado with my wife and two dogs. I’ve been working in the Amusement & Entertainment industry for more than 7 years handling just about every creative project you can imagine. I’ve worked with small and local, large and global. I studied branding and brand Identities at the University of Northern Colorado and graduated with a bachelor’s in Visual Design & Communication. I’d love to learn more about you and how we can create an unstoppable creative team!

Where do we go from here?

Upcoming Events:

FUN 2022 May 11-13

Join me and a great variety of awesome industry companies and leaders at FUN Conference 2022! We’ll spend a couple days diving into all things Amusement and Entertainment. Expect a great time of open discussion, collaboration & some good ol’ fun! Come see me at FUN 2022 and lets chat about any of your branding, marketing and creative solution questions for you, your FEC or product!

IAAPA Conference & Expo, Nov. 14-18, 2022

I’ll be attending IAAPA Expo 2022! It’s going to be a great time of networking with new and old friends plus of course getting out and enjoying all the fun in Orlando. Want to meet up in person and chat? Feel free to message me on any of my platforms and we’ll coordinate. See you there!

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